“The thing we have undertaken must not be confused with anything else; it cannot be limited to the expression of an idea and still less to what is properly considered art.
It is necessary to produce and to eat: many things are necessary but also count for nothing, and so it is with political agitation.
Who, before he has struggled right to the end of his task, would dream of stepping aside for men it is impossible to look at without feeling the urge to destroy them? But if nothing can be found beyond the range of political activity, human avidity will encounter only the Void.
WE ARE FEROCIOUSLY RELIGIOUS and, in so far as our existence amounts to the condemnation of everything that is known today, an inner necessity demands that we be equally unyielding.
What we are starting is a war.”

-Georges Bataille, Acéphale 1

Current Issue (Winter 2020)



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